Mom’s move to Oregon

Mom and I visit her credit union one last time to say goodbye to her good friend Holly Ulbrich.

Mom visits her parents’ graves one last time.

Mom visits her husband’s grave one last time. (The grave stone had not yet been installed.)

Mom, with helper Alice, says goodbye to the old homestead.

Mom says goodbye to the old homestead.

The night before the trip, Powder has NO idea what he’s in for.

Mom’s new assisted living facility.

The dining hall at the new assisted living facility is lovely.

Mom’s new apartment at the assisted living facility is already stocked and decorated.

My sister Rachel sent some decorations of her own.

My mom’s private “nook”, that she sees from her new living room.

Mom shows off her living-room-in-progress, at her new assisted living facility.

Mom’s dining room table area (with Powder staring back curiously).

Yes, that’s Rachel and me above the table. My pic is a photo, because my chalk drawing SUCKS.

Mom’s new bedroom, at her new assisted living facility.

Mom’s cat Tiger, traumatized by the move, in his new favorite spot: buried under the covers.

Mom mom’s new bathroom is very handicap-friendly…

Many ducks live in the area immediately surrounding mom’s new assisted living facility…

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